» Dear proclaimed self-righteous offended souls here are me two cents over CL's Solo.



I am too fucking lazy to re-write what I wrote over on twitter last, so here’s a retweet that summarise it all:


okay now let’s have a stroll along onehallyu :



Sorry dude but I am an ARAB and A MUSLIM; I STUDIED QURA’AN FOR 16 YEARS and I use it it five times a day to even…

Anonymous asked: i love you

love you too :)

greetings!! hi!! hello!! if you haven’t noticed, i haven’t been very active lately… it’s not that i’ve been busy or anything. i’m just… not interested anymore. i think it’s time for me to say that i am officially leaving. i’m probably not leaving leaving. it’ll probably be like how it is now… but i just wanted to make a post telling y’all that you do not know how grateful i am to have all of you as followers. i never expected to have so many people appreciate and like the things that i post. i can’t thank you enough for following me and it’s been a long, long three years. thank you and i love you all. goodbye.

if you ever need to talk i’ll still be reading messages on here or my personal blog and you can get at me on twitter @chaeras. bye :(


2NE1 - All Or Nothing ‘The Journey’ Promo!